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Business Protection

Business protection is designed to help your business should a director, partner or key employee die or suffer a serious illness.

Providing financial support at a time when it is vital to recover quickly and minimise the impact on profits is crucial for business continuity.

Shareholder or partnership protection provides money in the event of a shareholder or partner dying or becoming critically ill, so the remaining shareholders or partners have the financial resource to purchase the deceased’s share of the business from their dependants or estate, thus avoiding unwelcome outside involvement, whether that be the family members or nervous bankers.

Key person (aka keyman) is a way of providing the company with financial support to cover the cost of losing a key person, which may include loss of earnings to the business and the cost of recruiting a suitable replacement.

Relevant life policies are a way of providing death in service benefits on an individual basis for you and your employees, no matter how small your business.

Finally, loan protection can provide a capital sum sufficient to repay a loan or other borrowings upon the death or critical illness of a key individual within the business.

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