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Directors’ Pensions

Directors’ Pensions

Directors’ Pensions remain one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to accumulate wealth for retirement.

How often have you heard people say their business is their pension and it didn’t work out like that? It’s common sense really, never put all your eggs in one basket – using a pension scheme makes so much sense. You will receive tax relief at your highest rate on any personal contributions and your company contributions do not attract income tax or national insurance, unlike other benefits. Therefore, try to put aside the word “pension” for a moment and think of it like this – a pension is a way of extracting business profits tax-efficiently for the benefit of a director or business owner. Yes, you can’t spend that money now but it will grow free from most taxation, provide a tax-free lump sum and an income for life thereafter, when you do decide to retire or take the benefits.

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