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Care Planning

Care Planning

Later Life Care needs involves planning for the specific needs unique to older people.

No one knows what the future holds but it is possible to exercise a considerable amount of control over some very significant aspects of old age. Aspects like where you live, how much capital and income you have at your disposal and perhaps most important of all, what sort of care you will receive.

This is particularly significant as elderly care costs in England are not covered by the state in the way that health costs are. In fact, anybody with assets worth £23,250 or more – including the value of their home – is required to pay for all of their care. This means that without the right planning, people might have to use most of their savings and other assets to cover their care – and this can even mean having to sell their home.

So planning ahead is vital. But without understanding, insight and the right legal and financial guidance, it’s very hard to guarantee that you’ll always make the right decisions – the ones that have the most positive outcomes for you and your family

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