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The biggest problem facing investors in today’s uncertain environment is how to maximise¬†returns without taking too much risk.

At the core of the Money Wise investment proposition we offer 5 risk adjusted ‘Model Portfolios’ managed by Parallel Investment Management. These provide a means of accessing professional portfolio management at a lower cost than most discretionary investment management. Each portfolio has a different investment objective and risk profile.

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Below are the latest fact sheets for our range of model portfolios:

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Adventurous Portfolio at June 2016
Balanced Portfolio at June 2016
Cautious Portfolio at June 2016
Income Portfolio at June 2016
Higher Income Portfolio at June 2016

For clients with at least £400,000 to invest, and or who want a more bespoke investment service, we will recommend one of a number of discretionary management firms we work with, depending who is most suitable for your needs and objectives, and in accordance with your appetite for risk.



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