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Getting Divorce is one of the biggest financial and emotional upheavals one can experience.

It is often the case that one or both of the divorcing parties will be left in need of guidance on what to do with their share of the divided assets. How best to rebuild a secure financial future is at the top of most agendas.

The knowledge of an IFA throughout the divorce process can provide much needed help. Money Wise advisers have been working with solicitors and their clients for many years, utilising the different skills sets and knowledge required to advise individuals through the financial maze, both pre and post divorce.

Amongst other things we can help review Form E, arrange or review the pension actuarial report, and advise on the wording of the letter of instruction to the actuary so that it can be approved by the Court at the first appointment stage, if applicable. This can speed up the process, reduce costs and may enable clients to gain an advantage by framing the terms of the actuarial report in their favour, i.e. with regard to offsetting valuations. Further, before an offer is accepted, we can provide projections of the likely retirement income that would result from the proposed financial settlement and establish the cost of implementing a pension sharing order so that it can be taken into account by the Court, if applicable.

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A Guide to Pensions in Divorce




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